Blog en-us (C) ( Fri, 13 Apr 2018 18:33:00 GMT Fri, 13 Apr 2018 18:33:00 GMT Blog 120 80 My Little Texas Bluebonnets I am not going to lie...I am a photographer who STRUGGLES to get photos of my own children.  You should have seen the lengths we went to go get these kids of mine to smile.  My mom was in the field shaking her booty, dancing, jumping around, singing, playing peak a boo and the list just goes on and on.  In the end, we may not have gotten one where they are all cheesing, but we captured life with them.  Sometimes I am so focused on getting perfection that I miss how beautiful this life is.  I am so thankful that God gave me these four precious blessings!  These four will always be my favorite to photograph.  

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Princess Grace Meet Princess Grace.  She is celebrating her birthday soon!!  The Princess will soon be three!  Isn't she just stunning!!

I wish all little ones listened and minded as well as Grace.   She was an absolute blast to photograph!! 


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Party of Nine! I just LOVE this sweet family!  Their sweet little Harper and Adam were in my 2 year old Bible class that I taught last quarter, and they brought me quite a few laughs.  This family has four children under four took a little work to get a some shots of them all happy at once.  I think we got some keepers among all the funny "bloopers". 

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Emily {Class of 2018} I have had so much fun this Spring with all these talented seniors!!  This sweet girl has too many patches on her letterman jacket to count.  She is a well rounded, lighthearted young lady!  I know you will succeed in life.


 I wish you all the luck in college.  


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Sydney {Class of 2018} Sydney is such a joy to photograph.  Some people radiate beauty on the outside only...her beauty comes from deep within and shines on the outside as well.  She is laid back and go with the flow kinda girl.  It was so HARD for me to choose my favorites.  We went all over the great state of Texas to shoot these.  We shot everywhere from China, to Sour Lake all the way to the hill country blue bonnets!  I hope we made memories that you will cherish long past this year!  Congrats on graduating!  

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DJ {Class of 2018} Senior Boys can be tricky to photograph!  They rarely think they will enjoy their senior session.  I think most of them just go along with it to please their mommas.  In the end, they normally do think it was fun.  This senior boy was a blast to work with and super charming and sweet!  He is very bright and has the best positive attitude.  I just know he will be a huge success in life!  



Good luck to you DJ!

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Aubrey { 9 months old }  

This is seriously the sweetest baby ever!! I may be a bit partial though! 

I am so blessed to get to watch you grow! 

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Hallie This sweet lift girl just turned ONE!! She is so sweet and full of life.  I had a ball capturing this special time in her life.


Hallie is ONE!   

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My Babies Sometimes I get so busy capturing all of my beautiful clients that I forget to capture my babies.  A really dear friend of mine bought this lovely Tutu Du Monde dress when I found out I was having a little girl!  I have been patiently waiting for her to grow into it for the perfect photo shoot.  Well, I have set up several photo shoots in this pretty little dress with the props and the whole nine yards and sister was just NOT having it.  Recently, when she was in a happy mood I slipped her into it and set up a white blanket to shoot against in her room...she decided she would rather use the blanket to play hide and seek.  I just rolled with it, and I love how they show her sweet playful personality.  Sometimes it's the simple shots that really show the personalities of the subject that melt me.  I really love all of these and couldn't pick a favorite.   It's the simple things in life.  


Then came in the boys....of corse they wanted in on the fun!   

Ryan had been wearing this hat all day and refused to take any without it.  He said he "was not going to be a victim of hat hair".  




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Harper's New Baby Sister! I am super excited to share with you these next images.  This family is extra special to me!  Cynthia is such a loving and caring friend.  She and Thomas are my Regional Vice Presidents and upline in Arbonne.  If you would like to learn more about the amazing products or opportunity that Arbonne offers please contact me, I would love to tell you more!  Without further ado please meet Harper's little sister Gracie.  Harper prayed for Gracie every night while Cynthia was expecting.



Of course Cynthia had this awesome Arbonne wrap we used to swaddle baby Gracie.  


While baby Gracie was getting fed or changed little Miss Harper and I had a ton of fun all on our own.  She is such a ham.  

 Here Harper is telling me a "secret", "Her sister is the cutest baby ever!!".

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Camryn {Brand New} This sweet baby girl is one of my oldest friends new baby.  What a little doll.  She snoozed through her entire session.  Congrats Justin and Katlyn!!

I could not decide if I liked this one in black in white or I decided to post both!   

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Nneka {Senior} This young woman is not only beautiful, but she is also super smart!! She got a full scholarship to Prairie View A&M University!!  Way to go Nneka!  

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Camila {Brand New} Some of you may recognize this sweet momma...she has been a bride's maid in several weddings I photographed, and I photographed her fabulous wedding in Austin, a few years back, and this month I got to photograph her very sweet baby girl!  Oh my word this baby is such a doll.  She was so good and patient for her new born session.  Her nursery y''s so beautiful and sophisticated!  It is decorated with soft pinks and gold glitter!!  Every little girls dream!   


Congrats to the new mommy and daddy Camila is beautiful!

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Baby Mae is on the WAY!! I can not tell you how excited I am about Baby Mae!!!  My little Lilly Ann is going to have an new BFF soon!   I was not actually "the photographer" at Britt's shower, but I decided to snap a few photographs of all the cute details and one of the mommy to be of course.  Carmen pretty much did all the planning.  She always does such a great job on party planning.  Grammy made the yummy cake, and Mrs. Sue made a breakfast casserole that Paula Dean would be proud of...and I brought the fruit (lol).


For some reason Brittany, this beautiful girl in the middle, hates to have her photo taken.  I have to force her to get in front of the lens.  It's a good thing Carmen and Grammy can be pretty persuasive.  I am glad she decided to show off her tiny little baby bump!  It's hard to believe she has just has a few more weeks until she delivers sweet baby Mae.    Here are a few of the details from the Brunch.  


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Stella's First Communion I always have a blast photographing this sweet girl!  I love her girly and sweet but not sassy personality.  She is always so excited about her photo sessions and her happy-go-lucky spirit always shines through!


THIS DRESS!!  I love the lace detail.  

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Aida meets Sparkles Aida is such a well mannered little lady!  When her mommy told me her age I COULD NOT believe it!  She is just 2 years old!!  She behaved as well as any 4 year old I have ever photographed.  Her mommy warned me it was hard to get her to smile...but I think she did just fine.  I hope you all love these as much as I do!!  Please feel free to leave her some love in the comments.

Aida loved Sparkles the Unicorn so much that she decided to have a Unicorn and Rainbows Birthday Party!!  So I just had add a little rainbow to a few of her images.  

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Paul & Kaddie Last month I was busy updating my website, and combining several different servers all into one.  With all of that updating going on I missed out on posting some of my favorites from Paul and Kaddie's Engagement session.  I just love her style and taste!  I can't wait to photograph their wedding this year.  Kaddie rented this awesome chair, sofa and bike for the session!  Love the way they turned out.  Her yellow dress with this green chair looks so classy!

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Travis {Senior 2015} Watch out AGGIES Travis is heading your way!  After graduation Travis is heading to Texas A&M in the fall!!  I think we have a true gentleman on our hands here!!  Most of the time boys [and men] complain about being photographed.  For whatever reason they hate it....I'm not quite sure why.  Well senior boys are not any exception to this rule.  This young cowboy did no complaining though...I'm not about to say he enjoyed it...but he was not complaining or rushing me.   I think he deserves a steak dinner.



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Shalina {Senior 2015} I had so much fun getting to hang out with Shalina, her parents, and little brother during this shoot!  Good luck to you in the future, and I hope you have a blast the rest of your senior year!! Yay for Class of 2015!!

Look at her skin guys!! That's no make on that pretty face!  She should be an Arbonne model!

While we were doing Shalina's seniors session I told her that there was a very cool old truck near where we were shooting, but I didn't know the owner...turns out her dad was the's a small world right!  Love how the old truck turned out.  They ended up being some of my favorites from the session!  

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Elle Meets Spakles Elle drove a long way to visit Sparkles.  Her mother and grandmothers heard, "Are we there yet?" about 104 times.  With all that driving, wardrobe changes and modeling Elle worked up quite an appetite.  I just adore these photographs of her chomping on Sparkles' carrots!   

Elle wanted to wear her REAL princess outfit since Sparkles was a REAL unicorn after all.  I love her crown!!

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